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The Pathway To A Pain Free Life.

809 Lucerne Ave is the home of chiropractic and sports medicine in Lake Worth. Dr. Price and his team have dedicated their time and experience to pave a pathway for you that provides a customized plan to help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently with life long results. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!


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Experience The Highclass Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Difference

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Chiropractic Care

Where Chiropractic and Sports Medicine meet. We provide a combination of the top result driven treatments to maximize your outcomes and create an easy pathway to your health and wellness success. Come see why we are a top rated chiropractic clinic in south Florida.

You will receive own personalized treatment plan designed to optimize your health. Chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue work and corrective exercise are all included in your comprehensive plan of care.


Personal training

Have comfort in knowing your programs are designed and overseen by some of the best in the industry. Our experience and expertise will guide you to the top of any level you desire to be.

You will receive weight loss, body transformation, or performance programs customized to your specific goals and needs. All programs are designed from an injury prevention perspective and overseen by our doctor who has a in depth understanding of how to optimize your fitness journey. Come check out why we are top rated throughout South Florida.


Sports Recovery

Rejuvenate your body with our recovery lounge. Infrared sauna, cold plunge and NormaTec recovery is only the beginning of your health and wellness success.

We provide high level recovery protocols to keep your body function optimally and efficiently. These protocols are designed to minimize your recovery time and maximize your energy output.


Comprehensive Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Services

Proudly serving the Lake Worth area, we provide comprehensive chiropractic and sports medicine services to ensure better care and better results.

  • When it comes to your health, we understand the importance of finding the right plan for you. For this reason, we offer a free 30 minute consultation that will allow you to test drive the Highclass Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Experience and make sure it would be the best fit for you. During your consultation you will go through a thorough evaluation to understand the root cause of your complaint. Your plan of action will include step by step recommendations on how to fix the complaint quickly and efficiently for the best possible outcomes.

About HighClass

HighClass Chiropractic and Sports Medicine epitomizes the vision of Dr. Ryan Price, a distinguished chiropractor with a dynamic background as a former professional athlete. Driven by his personal journey and fueled by a passion for optimal health and performance, Dr. Price envisioned a facility that would serve as a haven for individuals aspiring to achieve optimal performance.

Drawing from his own experiences as an elite athlete, Dr. Price recognized the crucial role of comprehensive care and access to top-tier resources in enhancing performance and fostering overall well-being. This insight inspired him to establish HighClass Chiropractic, a center that transcends traditional chiropractic care, integrating state-of-the-art sports medicine techniques and resources.

Armed with his academic excellence from Florida Atlantic University, Palmer College of Chiropractic and fueled by his dedication to optimal health, Dr. Price leads a team of highly skilled professionals at HighClass. Together, they're devoted to empowering individuals not just to recover from injuries but to excel in their athletic endeavors and lead a life of peak performance.

Beyond his practice, Dr. Price is committed to fostering a supportive community. He envisions HighClass Chiropractic as more than a clinic; it's a destination where people can access the expertise, resources, and personalized care needed to pursue their aspirations.


Why Choose Us

When you choose HighClass Chiropractic and Sports Medicine as your sports medicine specialist in Lake Worth, you can expect:

  • Custom care catered to your goals

  • An experienced doctor who deeply relates to injuries and what it takes to get back to full recovery and more

  • State-of-the-art equipment, plus a sauna and recovery room to help you achieve success

  • Comprehensive services that won’t break the bank


Experience The Highclass Chiropractic and Sports Medicine Difference